Privacy Policy

We (the founders of Skwiix Ltd) were the first users of

The point is that we are serious about your privacy in the same way that we're serious about our own privacy. So read on to find out about the specifics of our Privacy Policy.

This statement describes the privacy practices we apply for the Skwiix Service and as part of that, it also expresses our approach to complying with the data protection laws which apply in the United Kingdom.

This Privacy Policy forms part of our Term and Conditions. 

1    Browsing the Site
We do not collect any personally identifiable information from people entering the 'public' areas of Skwiix (those are the areas that you can access and look at without using a password). All we do is gather information on the numbers of visitors to certain areas of the Site and about the places that visitors access the Site from. We do not use this information to identify specific individuals.

1.1    Cookies
Skwiix (like most other websites), uses cookies to make it easy for you to navigate around the Site. The web-browsers of most computers are initially set up to accept cookies, but if you prefer, you can set your web-browser to inform you when a website is attempting to add a cookie, or disable cookies altogether, (although you should be aware that disabling cookies may negatively affect your navigation around the Site).

2    Registration & Profile Information
Some services on the Site require users to register prior to using them. When you register with Skwiix to use the password-protected areas of the Site, we will then ask you for personal information about yourself, which we will only use to administer your account.

Your registration on Skwiix will establish a password-protected personal account for storing, organising and sharing your personal content and for using our other services. The password that you create will allow you access to your account and as such it needs to be as secure as possible, (we'd suggest using something that isn't as obvious as the names of a spouse, child or pet). You can update your Personal Information (including your password) at any time via your profile. 

2.1    Registration Information
When you register on the Site, we will ask you for your name, email address, password and a username. We will also ask you Optionally for your musical interests (Preferred Music, Favorite Music, Favorite Musician, Favorite Instrument) and pastimes outside of music

Your name, email address and password are not considered public information (not available for other users to view) and will not be displayed anywhere on the website except through your registration details under the 'Registration' page.

Your username is considered public information and as well as being displayed to all users as part of your public profile, will normally be displayed next to any content that you make public or share on the site.

By default your gender will not be displayed with your public profile.

2.2    Profile Information
As well as the safety and security side of things, Skwiix is all about sharing your music experiences; so after registration, we encourage our users to provide optional public profile information that will be displayed on the site when another user clicks on your username or performs a search. This information is considered public information and by providing any of this information via the profile page on the Site, you agree that this information can be displayed to other users on the Site. All profile information (except registration information) can be modified or deleted at any time. All registration information except your username can be modified at any time.

We will not use your registration or profile information for any other purpose than to provide and enhance the Skwiix services, or as otherwise described in this policy. 

3    Credit Card Information
Skwiix uses partner organizations for the same of goods and services. So that you have a choice about how you pay for these goods and services, the partner organisations uses several well-known and reputable credit card processing agencies, such as PayPal. Using secure servers to process your credit card payments, they encrypt your credit or debit card information and authorise payment directly. This means that your card details are never revealed to us. These companies are responsible to you for their use of your personal data and the terms of their privacy policy will apply, not ours.

4    Skwiix Content
All information that you enter in Skwiix is your private information and this information cannot be shared on the Site and will not be accessible to a third party via the Site. We will not disclose this information to a third party (unless required to do so by law).

We strongly advise against recording your full card details or other identifying information that could be used for making fraudulent purchases, identity fraud or other malicious purposes. Under no circumstances should you record your PIN number(s) anywhere on the Site. For your security, you cannot include your credit/debit card information on the webpage. 

5    Sharing information

Sharing your music related information and interests is what Skwiix is all about. If you want to share content with friends, family and the public who are not already members of Skwiix, you need to encourage them to register on the Site and use the forum.

6    Keeping You Informed through Email & Mail
From time to time, we may send you service announcement updates with important information about Skwiix. Service announcements may contain information vital to your account, so members may not opt-out of receiving these. However, these announcements will not contain marketing material.
As a Skwiix member, we will notify you via email about new features, products and promotions, as well as information on carefully screened third parties whose products or services may be of interest to you. You may choose to opt-out of receiving these email notifications via email notification to us. 

7    Providing Services through Third Parties
Skwiix may share specific personal information with third-party service providers for the sole purpose of providing you with the products, services and information you have requested. Examples of such third-party service providers are credit card authorisation companies, merchandise distributors and shippers. They do not store, retain or access your information except to provide our services to you. 

8    Abiding by the Law
Skwiix may be required by law to disclose information, even though you might have requested that we don't share your information. 

9    Security

9.1    Site Security
We use industry-standard protection, including Secure Socket Layers (SSLs), to encrypt pages when collecting sensitive information such as your password. This measure is designed to guard against interception of this information while it is on the Internet. You can tell if you are using a secure page by looking at the bottom of your browser window where you will see a lock. If it's in a closed state, the page is encrypted.

The data centre containing our servers is fully secured with access control systems and the data stored on the servers is also protected by both hardware and software firewalls with 24-hour software monitoring. 

9.2    What you can do
By putting in place the security measures above, we endeavour to ensure that your information is only accessible by you, when you need it. But the security of the Site requires that you take a few simple steps to help us protect your information:

Make your password secure: choose a 'strong' password between 6 and 15 characters long and change it regularly. Use a mix of letters and numbers (like c0nstant1n0ple for example), that you can remember without writing it down, and avoid using words that may be easy for others to guess, such as your birthday or the name of a family member or pet.

Keep passwords safe: You should not write down or store your password on a computer, or give anyone else access to your password. We will never contact you to ask you for this information – if you get an email or a phone call asking for this information, a fraudster is at work. You should change your password immediately if you think that someone else knows it – you can do this in the music community area of the Site.

Be careful when logging in: be particularly vigilant when accessing the Site on publicly accessible computers, in places such as Internet cafes and be sure not to leave the computer unattended while you are logged onto the Site. Take care that no-one is watching what you type.

Check whether the web page is secure: When using Skwiix, the transmission of your information will encrypted using SSL encryption. You can check that the Skwiix area is secure by checking that the first few characters of the web address in your address bar has changed from the usual 'http' to 'https' – the 's' stands for secure. You should also look for a small padlock icon, displayed in the locked position, normally in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Log off the Site: you should always click 'Log off' and close your browser when you've finished using the Site, wherever you are.

10    Surveys and Competitions
We may occasionally request information from you through surveys or competitions. Participation in these surveys or competitions is completely voluntary. The information requested may include Personal Information, demographic information or information about your attitudes and opinions. Rest assured, the information collected is only used for purposes of improving user satisfaction with the Skwiix service. We will not sell or provide this information to 3rd parties without your consent.

11    Changes to this Policy or Skwiix's business
We may modify our privacy policy at any time. If our privacy policy changes, the revised policy will be posted on this site and we will change the 'updated' date at the bottom of this page to reflect the date of the modification. Please check back periodically.
If we merge with, or are acquired by a third party, we may transfer personal data we then hold to that party. 

12    Contact us
We will do everything we reasonably can to guard your privacy, by continuously evaluating the enforcement and nature of our policies, but if you feel that we could improve the Site or our policies in any way, we would be glad to hear from you. You can use the suggested improvements link on the Site or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any contact with our Customer Service team or communication from you, such as chat or emails, may be recorded to help us with the continued provision and improvement of our services.

If any of your personal information changes, or you identify a mistake in our records, please use the Contact Us page on the Site, or contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to notify us of the change.