Learning to Play

To get a sound grounding in basic music skills and to develop good musicianship and knowledge of music, you need to learn the fundamental techniques for your instrument.

Mastering these techniques is key to playing the instrument well. It’s therefore important that every aspiring musician learns to tackle the fundamental techniques from the beginning of their music-learning journey. Otherwise, they risk acquiring bad habits which will become more difficult to rectify later on.

Instructor Led Learning
If you are thinking of enrolling for music lessons, group lessons are often less expensive than private lessons. Music lessons in your child’s school may also be cheaper – and it will probably be more fun for your child to learn to play in a group and with friends.

Most primary school curricula include music lessons. This helps children to start picking up their musical skills and interests. Many secondary schools have after school music clubs where students can pursue their musical interests and interact with other students learning similar instruments.

For those wanting to pursue a formal music education, there are music curricula that cover all levels of the education system to cater for pupils or students with such leanings. Of course, the best experiences are gained from good quality music teachers.

The average individual lesson for a beginner should take half an hour a week. For groups of three or more, lessons should generally last an hour.

Many local authorities, town council offices, schools and libraries have information about musical institutions where lessons are available for young and adult beginners.

Visit the Skwiix Notice Board to find a music tutor close to your home or visit the Skwiix Forum and find yourself a music tutor.

Sheet Music
Your teacher or music school may provide or recommend sheet music or books for your lessons. Many publications are available that will suit your musical needs. The Skwiix Shop stocks a varied range of sheet music. Browse these for sheet music that can support your music learning. Skwiix aims to help you improve and further your musical development. We have therefore created the Notice Board area where music instrument tutors can Register and advertise their services.

Teach Yourself
To provide you with the fundamentals, many recommended books and learning aids have been published by many great music institutions to help you if you wish to teach yourself to play an instrument. Your learning process and the speed at which you learn can be best enhanced by the research, identification and purchasing of a musical instrument instruction book and guide. Most of these books are accompanied by a CD Audio add-on.

A good music book will set out to provide you with a structured, systematic approach to learning to read music and play your instrument. Usually such books and learning aids are kept simple, so that you can develop a good basic sense of pulse and get used to the fundamental techniques that apply to the instrument you want to play.

A wide range of music learning aids and books are available and different music tutors and shops will suggest their favourites or point out very good musical learning aids and books that have been objectively thought through. Your best bet, however, is to go for one that covers music that is easy to learn and that you like to listen to. Visit the Shop to appraise the learning aids and books on offer

Having an instrument wall chart is another good way to have most of the above fundamentals on a single sheet. A good instrument wall chart should provide you with a summary of most of the basics you need to know for the instrument you wish to play.

Visit the Shop to see books, wall charts and other music learning aids and guides you can buy.

Learn with a Friend
Another way to help your musical development is by linking up with other people who are learning to play the same instrument as you.

You can Register your details on Skwiix and get in touch with other learners in your area. You can practice together, share notes on improvements and difficulties, discuss music issues you are both facing and generally support each other on your music learning journey.

The Skwiix Forum supports those of you who are interested in the concept of learning with a friend to share your music journey together.